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Tio’s Cerveceria


How often do you go into a popular bar in Sydney and approach the bar only to be asked by the bartender how your night’s going?

And for them to genuinely care.

100 points for Tio’s.

And then for them to ask how they can make your night even better?

An extra 50 points.

I asked for a bag of their FREE chipotle and sweet-paprika flavoured popcorn.

Plus 5645186486 points.

Safe to say that’s a win for Tio’s.


It’s quite a different bar than the Baxter Inn or Shady Pines, it’s a bit more laid back and definitely a bit cheaper than the other two. We went in on a weeknight which was an excellent choice since there were free tables and space at the bar so that we didn’t get pushed around or even have to wait for drinks.

There’s not much that’s right next to Tio’s but it’s close to Oxford Street which makes it a good place to start or end your night out (if it happens to be a quiet one since it’s only open till midnight). The bartenders are very hipster chic and the decor is pretty chill as well. With a theme like Guatemalan Owl bar, how could it not be?

And to top everything off, they’ve got a list of ten cocktails for ten dollars. Students all over Sydney can rejoice. Throw on your sombrero and come party with the owls, tequila in one hand and a bag of free popcorn in the other.


One of Tio’s delicious $10 cocktails

4-14 Foster Street, Surry Hills 2010

Mon-Sat 4pm-12pm

Sunday noon-10pm




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