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Welcome to Urban Feast!

G’day! Bonjour! Howdy! Neither of us is actually a cowboy from the deep South but unfortunately the East Coast of the United States doesn’t have a particularly distinctive greeting. This blog is the outcome of two university students who came from completely different places (Paris and New York) only to meet up in a Belgian Beer Cafe in Sydney, Australia. Simply supporting the idea that no one bonds better than over a crisp glass of beer. Kahina and Allie have been in Australia for three years and 8 months respectively and are avid lovers of all things food. Since we both know the agony of by-passing an awesome restaurant because the prices are too high or spilling out 20-cent coins for our morning coffee, we decided there should be a better way to eat well, while spending less. And thus, Urban Feast was born. This will be the place to find out the best places to eat and drink on a student budget, read reviews of new bars and cafes, find out where to go for weekly specials, and heaps more. As uni students ourselves, we know what you all are looking for and promise to deliver. Enjoy and of course, bon appetit!

– Allie and Kahina




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